Data centres have specific demands where LINIA can prove to be an ideal solution. Apart from the usual construction advantages of speed of installation etc., LINIA can be maintained by non qualified staff. Should any of the integrated luminaire modules need servicing or replacing, they can easily be switched in and out without any disturbance to the mains or rest of the lighting system. This is particularly important high security applications where access is difficult.

LINIA can also be supplied with a range of integrated controls as well as the option of being fed by a secure central battery system. This makes LINIA totally versatile.

LINIA luminaire modules are mainly constructed from extruded aluminium which dissipates heat well. This means the luminaires can work with the hot and cold temperature imbalances of a typical Data Hall.

Extruded aluminium construction for excellent thermal performance.


The P is for protected.  Additional nano-coating over the LEDs helps to protect against corrosive gasses.

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