Due to the range of optics and diffusers available with RIDI LINIA, planning lighting for production tasks is very simple and flexible.

Many of these optics can also be supplied as part of an enhanced IP54 system too. Furthermore, versions with new chemically resistant LED boards are available for more hostile areas. This prevents deterioration of the LED’s and ultimately extends the service life of such products, so less maintenance is required on the overall system.

LINIA is very fast to install so applying this
system to existing production areas means less downtime and easier maintenance in the future. Reconfiguration to the system is quick and easy too when changes to the production areas are desired.

The project shown here is a premium motor manufacturer in West Sussex. A variety of tasks are performed, and some tasks require 1000 lux with very high colour rendering. Here special colour 957 chips were used in order to maintain both accuracy of work and examination of materials such as premium hides. Because RIDI Group produce their own boards in Germany, RIDI LINIA can be adapted to any special requirements where needed.




Wide distribution and great glare control. VLG-FS is ideal for offices and any areas with regular VDT use.

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